24 February 2008


--Jon Stewart's sarcastic reaction to the belabored, oh-we're-so-clever behind-the-scenes Academy voting montage? Perfect.

--Sigh... seeing Kristin Chenoweth perform the second nominated number from ENCHANTED reminds me how much I'm missing PUSHING DAISIES.

--Hmm... Seth Rogen does give off a bit of a "Dame Judi Dench" vibe (though Jonah Hill ain't no Halle Berry).

--Where is the Sound Editing and Mixing love for TRANSFORMERS? (Just kidding).

--Wow, Lead Actress less than two hours into the broadcast? Oscar goes schizoid once again? (though I don't think ATONEMENT will be winning Best Picture). And it goes to Marion Cotillard, who was so absolutely mesmerizing as Edith Piaf that I don't even mind Julie Christie losing.

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