24 February 2008


--Only four awards left and it's not even 11:30. Diablo Cody gets Original Screenplay amidst a truly horrid orchestral version of "A Well Respected Man", and is actually pretty adorable despite the tattoo, outfit, hair, etc;

--I was hoping they'd include the infamous milkshake monologue for Daniel Day-Lewis' Best Actor clip from THERE WILL BE BLOOD, but the maniacal religious conversion scene's nearly as good.

--Oh those Coen Brothers. If they win Best Picture, I wonder if Ethan will have more to say.

--And the big winner is... NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Surely the best Best Picture in years. And hey! Ethan doesn't have to say anything.

As for my predictions, I correctly guessed 17 out of 24. Not sure if I'll be live-blogging again next year. I have to admit I feel a bit like Comic Book Guy, tapping snarkily away. And finally, why the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE theme?

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