25 May 2006


To kick off the new blog, a new mix.

May 2006; format: CDR

01 KT Tunstall, "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"
02 Madeleine Peyroux, "Dance Me To the End of Love"
03 Cat Power, "Could We"
04 Shivaree, "I Close My Eyes"
05 Neko Case, "Hold On, Hold On"
06 Kath Bloom, "Come Here"
07 A Girl Called Eddy, "Somebody Hurt You"
08 Emm Gryner, "Forget Georgia"
09 Jen Trynin, "Getaway (February)"
10 Saint Etienne, "Dream Lover"
11 Kate Bush, "Sunset"
12 Nelly Furtado, "Try"
13 Blossom Dearie, "Rhode Island is Famous For You"
14 Joan Armatrading, "Show Some Emotion"
15 Roisin Murphy, "Through Time"
16 Keely Smith, "Don't Take Your Love From Me"
17 Bebel Gilberto, "O Caminho"
18 Kirsty MacColl, "Innocence"
19 The 6ths with Katherine Whalen, "You You You You You"
20 The BellRays, "Have a Little Faith in Me"

Made for my mother, for Mother' Day, of course. One scan at the artists here and you'll see why I chose that particular title. This is not the first mix CD I've made for her for that holiday; MUSIC FOR MOTHERS debuted 2003, followed by MORE MUSIC FOR MOTHERS last year. I considered calling this one MOM THE SEQUEL for a long time; indeed, that's still its name in my iTunes.

Not much left to say except the obvious: this is a selection of music I like that I could imagine my mother listening to and enjoying without finding it weird (or deeming it "acid rock", one of her favorite descriptions of stuff that often has nothing to do with either acid or rock). Though I couldn't imagine playing anything from more than half of my music library for her, I'd like to think there's some common aesthetic ground between us. After all, throughout my teens, we managed to harmoniously listen to the radio in her cassette-deck-less Grand Am without strangling each other.