13 March 2008


I took this at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH on an all-too-brief overnight trip there last month (Steve and I were desperate for an affordable getaway of any kind). This popular eatery is steeped from ceiling to linoleum'd floor in mid-20th century kitsch. Given permission, I could spend all day there documenting the walls with my camera. (and I wouldn't be the first).
This curious little bric-a-brac was at our booth. I wouldn't be surprised if all the other booths in our section were lacking in the sugar dept. Unbeknownst to Steve, his hand wandered into the frame as he was sneaking some sweet-n-low. I'd love to do a photo essay consisting of nothing but various hands intruding the frames, but this one's special precisely because it was accidental.
As to why I haven't posted much lately, I've been busy writing blurbs for work and for here. And with exciting news of Zeitgeist releasing a Jarman DVD box in June, I may have to rethink this project's timeline.

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Michael C. said...

Hmmmm... that is truly bizarre. I wish I had a nice sugar holder like that here at home!