14 April 2011


Following an April Fool's Day snowstorm, we spent the weekend in Ogunguit, Maine as everything thawed out at a steady drip. Here's the wrap-around porch at 2 Village Square, a lovely inn recommended to us by these guys.

And here's our fantastic view from it.

We zoom in on The Front Porch, a restaurant/lounge/piano bar that we visited both nights of our trip, mostly for the cocktails.

The beach was vast as always, but as empty as I've ever seen it.

Dunes, wind and silence.

Not our inn, but the only westie I saw on the whole trip.

One afternoon, we browsed around nearby Kennebunkport.

A cute little town teeming with precocious little shops...

...like this unconventional travel goods store.

The most wishy-washy Store Hours ever.

On route back to Boston, we stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Portsmouth has a charming town center full of local businesses and few chains...

...some of which have lovely decorative touches such as this.

We ate lunch at RiRa, an Irish pub housed inside an ancient bank, its glorious dome still intact. It was our last stop before heading home to our very own breathing, barking westie.


Scot Colford said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! But you forgot to mention the real awesomeness of The Front Porch -- THE SHOWTUNES!!! :-)

C. Kriofske said...

I hate to say it, but on the subject of piano bars, I can take 'em or leave 'em. But my "Dylan" (a Manhattan-like concoction) was fabulous.