21 June 2006

YouTube, of course, is the greatest invention since VH-1 Classic (which I've slowly been learning to live w/out since giving up digital cable last fall). It could even make music video channels obsolete if their programming wasn't already 90% non-music video.

Yesterday, Pitchfork published its 100 greatest music videos found on YouTube: the selections range from the obvious ("Take On Me", "Once In a Lifetime") to the iconic ("Material Girl", "Nothing Compares 2 u") to the unjustly forgotten (Yo La Tengo's Spinal Tap-enhanced "Sugarcube") to the kitschy/silly ("Super Bowl Shuffle", anyone?) to the wonderfully weird and obscure (a song called "Sex Over The Phone"... by The Village People... in 1985??!!!).

All this plus a clip helmed by Wong Kar Wai ("Six Days") and another starring David Brent ("If You Don't Know Me By Now", infinitely preferable to the Simply Red version). I can't wait 'til I find the time to watch some of these, especially those I haven't seen of songs I love (like Bjork's "Triumph of a Heart") and others I haven't viewed in years (Kate Bush's spooky, sui generis clip for "Wuthering Heights"). Sorry, can't come in to work this week, I'm, um, busy...

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