14 November 2009


Get ready for an overdose of cute. It was one year ago today that Steve brought a ten-week-old Maggie home.

Here she is the first night, lap-sized.

A week later: still a little disoriented by her new surroundings.

December: more comfortably at home

Early January: still small enough to fit in a bookcase.

Late January: getting a little scruffy, although the rest of her head has yet to catch up with her ears.

February: ears no longer so bunny-like.

March: post-spayed and temporarily funnel-headed.

May: still small enough to get a bath in the kitchen sink.

Summer: full grown and ready for action!

November 2009: the lady of the house, and a good girl.

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3goodrats said...

Oh, she is so adorable! I can't even decide which shot is the cutest, but I'm leaning towards the comfy December one.