09 December 2010

BEST ALBUMS OF 2010: # 7

7. Belle and Sebastian - WRITE ABOUT LOVE

After a considerable hiatus, Stuart Murdoch and company return with more of the same (not counting a guest vocal from Norah Jones, of all people) and for once, that's acceptable. Fifteen years after their debut and seven since splendidly reinventing themselves as groovy pop pastiche artists, they arguably have no new musical boundaries to conquer. All any fan could ask for is more good stuff, which this affable, durable collection delivers more often than not. However, look behind the shiny surfaces and first-contact pleasures and you'll find depth and even a few revelations such as the intensity underneath "I Didn't See it Coming" surfacing euphorically in the song's bridge or the title track's glove-like appropriation of a guest vocal from actress Carey Mulligan (of all people).

Favorite Tracks: I Didn't See it Coming, The Ghost of Rockschool, I Want the World to Stop

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